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What’s wrong with training?

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Businessman Writing on WhiteboardWhen conducting training programs, most trainers are busy thinking and hoping they are doing a good job. When I put myself in the participants’ shoes, I simply end up with more questions!

  • Why did I get nominated for this program?
  • Why should I learn this concept?
  • Will this new learning help me?
  • Did my manager get trained on this subject?
  • Is it possible to implement this in my workplace?
  • Will my manager help me to implement this new learning?
  • Is my understanding right about the concept?
  • If I ask a question during the training – will I look stupid?
  • Why is the trainer treating us like we know nothing about the subject?
  • How did the trainer assume that we are not practicing these ideas?
  • Why is he defending his ideas so strongly?
  • Why did he pick me to ask the question?
  • Why is he conducting the class like a school teacher?
  • Why did we play this game?
  • Did I switch off the geyser?
  • What time is the program going to end?
  • Will I catch the train on time?
  • Will I be able to reach home by 8PM?
  • What should I cook for dinner?
  • Why am I feeling sleepy?
  • What if others notice that I am slee…….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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Manoharan Rathinam


A Thought Leader at Prashna and a nature enthusiast at heart, Mano has invested nine years in to Sales & Marketing Management and over nine years in the Human Resource function. His raison d'être can be summed up in one statement – to make people see their hidden potential. While he isn't nurturing and working towards accomplishing this dream, you'd probably find him scuba-diving or paragliding some place.


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