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The Exit Route

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Is a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) an exit route to terminate underperforming employees? What is the leader’s role in this process? Read on. Making profits for stake holders is one of the prime objectives of running a business. When employees don’t perform well they are put under PIP and very few of them successfully complete it. Organisations can expect to benefit from both recruitment and termination of employees. Does this hold good for employees also? Do they get benefitted by getting terminated? I would say yes. Employment i read more

Sales Force Management – Part II

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Is it ok to micro manage? Will macro management suit a sales driven organisation? Read on Business Heads travel across location to meet their field sales force and clients. The clients either complain or compliment during such visits. Either your sales executive or the client may be making best use of the business head’s presence. Do the business heads get to actually see the reality? It’s a million dollar question. Consider what happens once a business head announces his field visit plan. The sales team, by default, would look to sat read more

High Performers with Low Ethics

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And, no, this isn’t inspired by the imbroglio that currently envelopes the country’s favourite sport. This is about those of your employees who are consistently on top of the game, are cracking the high net worth clients and are pivotal to your organization’s future. This is about your high performer’s ethics – or the lack of it. Read on. They are the bedrock of an organization’s success. They are the ‘A’ raters who are scripting the growth story and are, hence, the most valued assets. There’s an entire world that revolve read more

Talent Management Part II – The Classical Bottleneck

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Almost every one of your employee wants to become a future leader. The scope up the ladder is very narrow. Are you aware that you are creating a traffic jam that you can’t handle? Read on. This is a common situation in majority of organisations. I have handled talent pool of a leading organisation. As part of the talent management practice we interviewed the talent pool members to know their career aspiration. It is obvious that every one of them wanted to become a future leader. However, can you afford to create so many leadership pos read more

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