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Tell me why I should select You as my Boss?

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Prashna Blog 1So, organizations get to evaluate and hire their employees. Managers get to interview and select their team members. Isn’t it time an employee, too, is allowed to evaluate and select her own manager?

One age-old adage continues to be a favourite amongst my friends. I still see it being shared and liked on social media sites, with much gusto. It continues to touch a nerve with most. ‘Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave their managers.’

A fantasy that keeps recurring to me – what if I was allowed to pick my own boss? What if the day I joined an organisation, they told me, “Here are 3 employees we’ve shortlisted for the position of your manager. You have the option of working with them for 3 months each, interviewing them and deciding who gets the job.” Voila! I have a feeling that would probably put to rest most of my cribs about the work not being engaging enough, the organisation not being fair enough, the canteen not being colourful enough, the chairs not being straight enough and what have you.

Truth is, if there is one thing you can do to impact the equation between the employee and the organisation, simply add or take away the manager from it.

This brings me back to my fantasy. What if organizations put in place a practice where, employees with certain credentials were allowed to pick their own managers? And, what if, my credentials fit the bill? What would be some of the questions that I’d definitely ask before I committed to showing absolute faith in the one who manages me? Why would I ask these questions?

Dear Potential Manager,

  • Do you have a big picture for me?
    The one thing that you bring to the table as a manager is a vision for me. I may not be able to connect the dots between all that I am doing right now and see how it adds up. Will you be able to help me connect those dots?
  • Will you let me make mistakes?
    There’s a part of you that says I am the best person for the job you have. In that case, will you allow me to make mistakes that every human is prone to? Would it help if you knew I can learn from them? Will you let failure be my teacher as well?
  • Yes, you have XX years of experience. Do you still see reasons why I should be treated as an equal?
    While I see the advantage of the years that you bring to the table, do you see how this strength is also holding you back? While I consider myself as someone who’s still learning the ropes, do you see the upside of me being someone with lesser baggage?
    Also, while we are at it, what would you like me to respect you for? For the years behind you or for how you utilize those years to make my future better? And how would you like me to respect you? Through my words or through my performance?
  • Considering your definition of success, what success have you seen in your life? What were the stumbling blocks you overcame in order to get there? What have you changed about you?
    If you haven’t seen success in your life, will you be able to let go of the urge to claim a share in my success? Will you be able to sit back and watch me bask in the glory? If you haven’t managed change within you, will you be able to show me the way?
  • What will you do with me if I don’t form a part of the ‘20% that yields 80% results?’
    As my manager, will you spend enough time on finding out why I’m not yet there – is it me, is it the job or is it the environment? If you’ve found out, will you be patient enough to invest in fixing this? After all this, if you know, for sure, that I don’t suit the requirement, will you brand me a failure for good?
  • On the flip side, what will you do with me if I form a part of the ‘20% that yields 80% results?’
    Will you know when I feel like I am not being challenged anymore? Will you be able to create newer challenges for me? What will be more important to you – you’re deliverables or my untapped potential? Will you hold on to me for dear life or will you be able to let me go?
  • Do you see me as a resource? Or, do you see me as an uncut diamond?
    On second thoughts: Maybe just, this should be my first question to you. Will save us both a lot of time

So, that’s my list. Do you have one too? Do you have a question that you’d definitely ask your potential manager?


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